Terms and Conditions


Participation in this promotion is deemed acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.

The Promoter is iGoDirect (Trustee) who point from ASUS Global Pty Ltd. reserves the right to alter the incentive, product offerings and specifications at any time, without notice.

Subject to the following Terms and Conditions the Promoter is offering its customers (also referred to as: Consumer, Participant or Claimant) a reward when they purchase an Asus product (participation products below per campaign), during the offer periods:

ASUS Xmas Cashback Campaign – 23rd November 2018 to 31st December 2018 *subject to change

Offer is only open to residents of Australia & New Zealand aged 18 years or over. Employees and the immediate families of the Promoter and its agencies (including but not limited to ASUS resellers) associated with this promotion are ineligible to participate.


To be eligible for the reward in the promotion, consumers must purchase one or more of the following participating products from an authorised and participating ASUS retailer/reseller within Australia & New Zealand.

ASUS Xmas Cashback Campaign:
Lifestyle – $100
Gaming – $100
Gaming – $200

Lifestyle $100 – Australia
UX301LA-DE002P UX331UA-EG001T UX370UA-C4363T UX430UQ-GV047R UX490UAR-BE087R
UX303LA-C4320H UX331UAL-EG041R UX370UA-C4367T UX433FA-A5045T UX510UX-DM197T
UX303LA-R5095H UX331UAL-EG050T UX390UA-GS039R UX433FA-A5099T UX533FN-A8019T
UX303LN-C4191H UX331UAL-EG053T UX390UA-GS097R UX433FN-A5021R UX550GD-BN007R
UX303UA-C4037T UX331UN-C4136R UX391UA-EA014R UX433FN-A5037T UX550VD-BN010T
UX305CA-DQ060T UX331UN-C4137R UX391UA-ET012R UX433FN-A5110R UX550VD-BO116T
UX305FA-DQ285T UX331UN-EG068T UX391UA-ET013R UX461UA-E1000T UX561UA-BO053T
UX305FA-DQ349T UX360CA-C4028T UX391UA-ET018T UX461UA-E1020T UX580GD-BO001R
UX305FA-FC060T UX360UA-C4132T UX391UA-ET083R UX461UA-E1072T UX580GD-BO001T
UX310UA-GL243T UX360UA-C4145T UX391UA-ET088T UX461UA-E1077T UX580GE-BO043R
UX310UA-GL513T UX360UAK-C4197T UX430UN-GV029T UX461UA-E1111T UX580GE-BO087R
UX310UA-GL678T UX360UAK-C4252T UX430UN-GV060R UX461UA-E1140T UX580GE-E2036R
UX310UQ-GL420R UX370UA-C4059T UX430UN-GV088T UX461UN-E1030R UX360UA-C4232T
UX31A-C4032H UX370UA-C4197T UX430UN-GV122R UX461UN-E1042R
UX32LA-R3055H UX370UA-C4198R UX430UN-GV129T UX461UN-E1044T
UX330UA-FC083R UX370UA-C4198T UX430UN-GV135R UX490UA-BE038R
Lifestyle $100 – New Zealand
UX302LG-C4007P UX303LA-C4320H UX330UA-FC047R UX360UA-C4172T UX303LA-R4192G
UX360UAK-C4252T UX330UA-FC214R UX305UA-FB021T UX303LA-R4294H UX360UAK-C4275T
UX303LA-R4558H UX305UA-FC005T UX305UA-FC006R UX303LA-R5166H UX303LB-C4028H
UX310UQ-GL025R UX331UA-EG001T UX305UA-FC006T UX360UAK-C4280T UX360CA-C4037T
UX303LB-C4028T UX310UQ-GL027T UX310UQ-GL143T UX310UQ-GL376R UX360UA-C4152T
UX310UQ-GL379R UX303LN-C4147H UX330UA-FC048R UX303LN-C4191H UX303LN-C4306H
UX305UA-FC024R UX305UA-FC024T UX360UA-C4132T UX303UA-C4037T UX305UA-FC030R
UX360UAK-C4318T UX303UA-R4098E UX303UA-R4311E UX303UB-C4032T UX310UA-GL079T
UX303UB-C4138T UX360UA-C4136T UX360UA-C4137T UX310UA-GL082T UX310UA-GL282T
UX360UAK-C4423T UX360UA-C4153T UX305LA-FC009T UX360UAK-C4340T UX305CA-FC049T
UX310UA-GL310T UX305FA-FC029T UX305FA-FC060T UX305FA-FC263T UX305LA-FC008T
UX301LA-C4003H UX301LA-DE002P UX303LA-R40092G UX303LA-R5095P UX303LN-C4193H
UX305CA-DQ092T UX305CA-FC119T UX305CA-FC161T UX305FA-FB033R UX305FA-FC029H
UX305UA-FC030T UX305UA-FC038T UX305UA-FC072T UX310UA-GL243T UX310UA-GL318T
UX310UA-GL513T UX310UA-GL679T UX310UQ-FC303T UX310UQ-GL287T UX310UQ-GL401T
UX31A-C4032H UX31A-C4046P UX31A-R4005G UX31A-R4005P UX31A-R4005V
UX31A-R5008H UX31E-RY008X UX31E-RY009V UX31E-RY018X UX32A-R3002V
UX32LA-R3014H UX32LA-R3055H UX32VD-R3001V UX330UA-FC065R UX331UN-EG006T
UX331UN-EG068T UX360UAK-C4197T UX370UA-C4059T UX370UA-C4060T UX370UA-C4198T
UX370UA-C4363T UX370UA-C4367T UX390UA-GS041T UX390UA-GS043R UX390UA-GS085T
UX391UA-ET012R UX391UA-ET013R UX391UA-ET018T UX410UA-GV035T UX410UF-GV013T
UX410UQ-GV037T UX410UQ-GV088T UX430UA-GV001T UX430UA-GV006T UX430UA-GV018R
UX430UA-GV128R UX430UA-GV261T UX430UA-GV429T UX430UN-GV029T UX430UN-GV033T
UX430UN-GV060R UX430UN-GV088T UX430UN-GV129T UX430UN-GV135R UX430UQ-GV050T
UX430UQ-GV073T UX430UQ-GV074T UX430UQ-GV095T UX430UQ-GV243T UX433FA-A5045R
UX433FN-A5104R UX461UA-E1050T UX461UA-E1072T UX461UA-E1077T UX461UA-E1111T
UX461UN-E1044T UX490UA-BE012R UX490UA-BE029R UX510UW-DM099T UX510UW-DM100T
UX510UX-DM109T UX510UX-DM203T UX51VZ-CM053P UX550GD-BN007R UX550GD-BN026R
UX550VD-BN010T UX550VD-BN014R UX550VD-BN032R UX580GE-BO022R UX580GE-BO043R
Gaming $100 – Australia
GL503GE-EN026T GL503VM-FY005T GL504GM-ES158T GL703GM-EE074T GL703VM-GC041T
GL503GE-EN228T GL503VM-GZ159T GL504GS-ES056T GL703GS-E5011T GL704GM-EV001T
GL503VD-FY126T GL503VS-EI042T GL504GS-ES062T GL703GS-E5012T GL704GM-EV008T
GL503VD-GZ302T GL504GM-ES152T GL703GM-EE014T GL703VD-GC114T GL704GM-EV008T
GL503VM-ED091T GL504GM-ES155T GL703GM-EE024T GL703VM-BA106T GL704GM-EV009T
Gaming $100 – New Zealand
GL502VM-FI312T GL502VM-FY022T GL502VM-FY040T GL502VM-FY165T GL502VM-FY189T
GL502VM-FY212T GL502VM-FY451T GL502VS-FY039T GL502VS-FY043T GL502VS-FY278T
GL502VS-GZ233T GL502VS-GZ384T GL502VT-FI093T GL502VT-FY005T GL502VT-FY017T
GL503GE-EN028T GL503VD-FY126T GL503VD-FY156T GL503VM-ED131T GL503VM-FY005T
GL503VM-GZ159T GL503VS-EI005T GL503VS-EI042T GL504GM-ES155T GL504GM-ES158T
GL504GS-ES056T GL552JX-DM033H GL552VW-CN094T GL552VW-CN247T GL552VW-CN384T
GL552VW-DM205T GL553VD-DM068T GL553VD-DM069T GL553VD-DM365T GL553VE-FY050T
GL702VI-BA007T GL702VM-GC004T GL702VM-GC005T GL702VM-GC142T GL702VS-BA034T
GL702VS-GC118T GL702ZC-BA108T GL702ZC-GC166T GL702ZC-GC174T GL702ZC-GC207T
GL703GM-EE024T GL703GM-EE074T GL703GS-E5012T GL703VD-GC114T GL703VM-BA106T
GL752VW-T4081T GL752VW-T4106T GL752VW-T4191T GL752VW-T4227T GL753VE-GC090T
Gaming $200 – Australia
G703GI-E5096R GM501GM-EI005T GX501GI-EI022T GX501VS-GZ070T GU501GM-GZ041T
G703GI-E5097R GM501GS-EI001T GX501VI-GZ026T GX531GM-ES005T
G703GI-E5144T GM501GS-EI002T GX501VI-GZ027T GX531GM-ES013T
G703VI-E5098T GM501GS-EI102T GX501VS-GZ024T GX531GM-ES028T
Gaming $200 – New Zealand
GM501GM-EI017T GX501GI-EI022T G703GI-E5096R G703VI-E5098T G703GI-E5097R
GM501GM-EI005T GM501GS-EI001T GX531GM-ES013T GX501GI-EI011T


 Participating products must be ordered and paid for within the respective promotional period.

  1. Consumers may claim 30 days after the purchase date and no later than 60 days after purchase date by logging onto asusrewards.com, uploading proof of purchase, valid receipt which clearly show serial number, purchase date and costs.
  2. Claims cannot be made on back orders.
  3. This offer is not valid for rental or leasing agreements or any form of repayment plans.
  4. Redemption is not transferable, assignable or exchangeable for other goods, services or cash.
  5. Maximum 1 claim per person and per household, provided that only one claim per product (serial number) per invoice is made. Any unclaimed bonus items will remain the property of ASUS Australia.
  6. In order to make a valid redemption, participants must follow the below steps and upload their claim using the online section for redemption; the redemption must contain mandatory proofs of ownership and a mandatory proof of purchase. No other claim mechanism is valid.


How to Claim:

  1. Log onto asusrewards.com
  2. Fill out the details requested using the online form including but not limited to a valid postal address and contact telephone number.
  3. Take a photo or scan of the serial number found on the participating product and upload it to the relevant Serial Number Form found on the online form.
  4. Take an additional photo or scan of the Proof of Purchase. The proof of purchase must contain legible and legit details of the store including: store name, ABN, address, phone number and product code or name along with the date of purchase and serial number of the Participating Product.
  5. Valid Proof of Purchase will be a valid till receipt or invoice.

**The invoice must contain legible and legit details of the store including: store name, ABN, address, phone number and product code or name; otherwise we reserve the right to reject.


Validation & Notification:

  1. All claims submitted in the Promotion will be reviewed by a representative of the Promoter (“Validation”). An email will be sent to notify that the claim has been received.
  2. Claimants must allow seven (7) business days for Validation to be completed. If a claim is deemed valid the Eligible Claimant will receive their ASUS reward to the mailing address provided on the online claim form up to 60 days after their claim has been approved. An email notification will be sent when a claim has been approved.
  3. If a claim is deemed invalid, the Eligible Claimant will receive an email notifying them that their claim is invalid, reasons why (such as but not limited to the purchase receipt provided being unclear) and, if applicable, next steps. The Promoter reserves the right to deem any claim submitted invalid if an Eligible Claimant fails to provide the required information within the time specified.


General Conditions

  • The reward will be an eftpos gift card, please refer to the card terms and conditions which can be found on https://rewardscometrue.com.au/information/
  • All claims must be received on or prior to the promotion dates to qualify. No extensions will be given under any circumstances.
  • Incomplete, indecipherable, or illegible claims will be deemed invalid.
  • It is the responsibility of the claimant to provide the correct address in order to receive their reward.
  • Entries will be deemed void if forged, manipulated or tampered with in anyway. The purchase date is determined by the date of the store tax invoice submitted by the customer with the claim.
  • The Promoter reserves the right, at any time, to verify the validity of claim (including contacting the place of purchase) and claimants (including a claimant’s identity, age and place of residence) and to disqualify any claimant who submits a claim that is not in accordance with these Terms and Conditions or who tampers with the claim process.
  • All claims are subject to verification by ASUS. ASUS reserves the right to reject any claim which does not comply with these terms and conditions.
  • If there is a dispute as to the identity of a claimant, the Promoter reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to determine the identity of the claimant.
  • The Promoter accepts no responsibility for late, lost or misdirected entries or other communications.
  • The Promoter’s decision is final and binding – no correspondence will be entered into.
  • Claimants must retain a copy of their tax invoice for all claims as proof of purchase. Failure to produce the proof of purchase for all claims when requested may, in the absolute discretion of the Promoter, result in invalidation of ALL of a claimant’s claims and forfeiture of any right to the incentive. The tax invoice must clearly specify the store of purchase, tax invoice number and purchase date.
  • The Promoter assumes no responsibility for any failure to receive a claim or for inaccurate information or for any loss, damage or injury as a result of technical or telecommunications problems, including security breaches.
  • The Promoter accepts no responsibility for any tax implications that may arise from this promotion. Independent financial advice should be sought by the claimant.
  • The Promoter collects personal information in order to conduct the Promotion. If the claimant checks the appropriate box on the online claim form, the Promoter may, for an indefinite period unless otherwise advised, use the information for promotional, marketing and publicity purposes including sending electronic messages or telephoning the entrant. Claimants should direct any requests to update or correct information to the Promoter. All claims become the property of the Promoter.
  • All images are for illustration purposes only.
  • ASUS makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of all information but takes no responsibility for any editorial, photographic or typographic errors.
  • Participants can address their enquiries to the promoter only to: asusrewards@cometrue.com.au or 1800 850 697 no other mechanism of communication is allowed.